Experience the Unimaginable

Tricked and tried by life we have fallen victim to the most unfortunate of lies. One that has consumed us in all entirety, and that fears the estranged soul that fights the overwhelming current. We are all in different parts of our life. For some things are going well, for others possibly quite the contrary. Regardless of the position you are currently in I ask so graciously you begin this journey with me. This journey will be nothing short of a gargantuan quest to find the truest meaning of life and reverse the flow society has pushed us all in for so long. Through out this quest we will re-baptize our senses in the fountain of youth; we will shed biases and remove the shadow that has blocked the truest of lights on the world. Through out this magnificent journey we will truly acquire the truth of whom we are and what we are here to do. From this exact moment to the moment we succeed, which we undoubtedly will do, we will question and argue timeless traditions and norms. This is the moment you and I, and all that so willingly choose to be involved, make the greatest discovery of our life. WE ARE IN CONTROL. With wishes from the deepest parts of my soul I ask you dedicate a few minutes to this material. If it means nothing to you, let it pass. There is no force here. We cannot truly establish an understanding of who we are when we are pushed or forced into believing certain thoughts, so this I will not do. I wish to be your guide, your match. As I cause friction between a proposed reality and societies projection of reality you must be the enzyme that increases this reaction and brings it to life. There is nothing wrong with thinking; in fact the world most sincerely needs more of it. For these few moments silence the distractions, whether this be your phone, TV, or peers. Let this moment be about you! YOU DESERVE THIS! The days of life are quickly passing, and now is the time to slow them down and experience it to its most pure, rudimentary elements. This is when you become you. Embrace it, embrace the change, embrace the world for its flaws but dream how you can change them. WE ARE IN CONTROL. The first leg of this realization will be to examine the trap we have fallen victim to. With out knowing we have accepted a less the fulfilled life and become to know it as normal. This is not normal. You are not normal. You are extraordinary! The minds reach is endless; do not block the path resulting in a dead-end. It is time to go where no one has gone before. Whether out of fear or social pressures few beings have visited were we will soon live. We, the young, the old, the insecure, the bold, the introverted, the extroverted, the future, will soon be the modern-day philosophers.


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