The Creators of Reality

In life we are constantly searching for the answer. As result of the current state of society and the way it operates we want quick and direct fulfillment of any wonder we have. But what If I were to say that more important than the answer, is to question. So often when we seek an answer we quickly receive one, but do we ever wonder why that answer is correct? Enter “X” amount of years you have been living and it is probably certain you have accepted something simply out of the fact that’s what the answer has always been. This could apply to any question or any “fact” that society accepts. For example, a bit more philosophical scenario but let us consider time. If you were to ask yourself why we accept our perception of time to be correct, could you answer that? Who set the rule to where a second is the basic measurement. And when you add sixty seconds together we get a minute. Why wasn’t it seventy or eighty seconds a minute? I am not proposing we go and rise as a collective to change time but I am proposing that you always consider that even facts were once made up. Many, but not all, facts started as an opinion and then with enough support and belief became truth. Let us then apply this to our life. How often have you shot down an idea or birth of creativity in your mind because it challenged what was commonly accepted as fact? Could your idea not indeed be the way it should really be? Who is to say? As I have pondered this idea more I believe it opens a gateway to a completely new arena of thought in ones mind. As we realize and comprehend that mostly everything in the world was once made up we understand more fully that we can truly accomplish anything. There should be no validity in someone’s statement saying your idea can’t be done or that it is dumb! How do they know? Look at any of the great inventors of our history and you will see individuals who challenged what was fact. “Man can not fly”, well let me introduce you to two brothers who have a new perception of the truth! The more one wraps their mind around this fact, the more they can believe in their ability. The world is truly a blank canvas. It is ours to create. Sure there are the ways things have been done prior but those are exactly that, prior. They were created for that time frame, for that exact moment. Now is now, it is not then. Your ideas you have today can reestablish the truth of the world and become known as fact. The mind is truly our greatest tool, your drive and faith in your mind is the unstoppable force behind it. Let your drive be catalyst to a world of change. We have the ability to create reality. There is no precut diagram for how tomorrow will turn out. Create your tomorrow into everything you wish it to be. Create your WORLD into everything you wish it to be.


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