The Altered Mirror Image

For how ever long you have been alive you have been making efforts towards establishing who you are as a person. You have been creating and evaluating your morals and values. You have been forming your likes and dislikes. And then as we all do you have expressed this to the world to see. Maybe through the clothes you wear or the music you listen to. In some way or another you have tried to convey what it is you stand for to the outside world. In the last few years though as social media outlets have begun to capture a larger percent of our attention it seems we have created an alternative life as well. Here is where a great imbalance has been created. In the youth of today I see a glaring issue we must confront. The importance of ones online presence and the ideals they represent in this virtual world have grown to greatly outweigh the importance of the image they convey in the real world. As we have become more and more controlled by the likes and dislikes of our peers we have become overly concentrated on how we are perceived via profile page. Because of this we now have a magnificent disconnect. With such effort being poured into a “coded” world we have forgotten to express our true intentions in reality. We no longer see kids and young adults greatly infatuated by music, art, and emotions as we did in times past. The greater importance is now placed on making sure your profile pictures will get enough likes or retweets. While on a base level there is nothing wrong with having an online presence there is something wrong with the youth not expressing the same viewpoints in reality. I propose we must transition the mindset to a state of expressing a parallel image in both realities. If one feels confident enough to perceive an image of themselves online, they should feel confident enough to perceive this same image to their peers in real life. I truly believe if this were done we would see a great increase in the emotional equilibrium in peoples lives. Those of us in this skewed mindset have allowed the approval of virtual friends to hold greater weight than the real friends we have around us. More than likely the majority of online profile users are “friends”, on social media sites, with people they rarely even associate with, or worse yet barely even know. Who decided these people’s opinions holds such a monumental weight? We must become aware to the fact that these people’s viewpoints hold very little value in our lives. Ultimately an effort must be made for the youth of today to feel confident enough to express the values they hold online to the real world. I truly believe if this were to be done the world could be graced with the presence of some of the greatest writers, artists, musicians, and creative we have yet to see. Online we feel free to express our innermost drives and sensations. I ask please, go into the real world and share these as well. You doing so will only spark a revolution and encourage others to do the exact same thing. The power to change the world and the way things are done is truly in you hands. The choice is up to you. Allow the world to continue on its path, or change it for a more progressive, expressive, and fulfilled world for all to love.


The Disappearing Mind

Have we gotten the entire world figured out? Do we have all the crooks and cranny’s of life mapped out in great detail? Though I wish so full heartedly we did I must honestly say we do not. If this is the case then, why have we treated our minds as if we do? When one studies thought or philosophy we must flip the pages deep into history. Why do we not look towards the philosophers of today? Could it possibly be that there are none to be found in the chaos of modern society? I see a great issue with the way the world operates today. While we are busy burying our noses in textbooks and notes on data we have slid the book of thought under the table. While we have continued the efforts to advance our knowledge in the field of concrete data, we have forgotten to place the same efforts to developing thought. The world of today is as wild and crazy and in trouble as it has ever been. Why have we chosen now to lock our minds in the coffin of lost skills? Now, is the greatest time to continue developing our ideas of the world. We have come to a point where we rely too heavily on others to feed us our thoughts. We no longer value an individual mind. A collective mind works well for sharing ideas but where does new thought come from? Today the ones who come up with the new ideas dictate how we think with out us even knowing it. They are in control. The words and ideas they bring to life are passed onto us through the various channels and mediums of media that exist. They give us options though, two or three. This way we can all fall into a category. If we all find familiarity with one of the groups then we will all be happy. Sure we disagree with the other group but that is what they want us to do. We are in a category THEY designed disagreeing with another category THEY designed. We are in truth fighting our self. We must not stand up then against the opposing view but against the creator of the view. This is how progression will be made. The rapid pace of life has tricked us into believing their predisposed truths. These are not real truths. The only real truths are the ones we create. Let today be the today you recognize the trap we have been placed in. We have been ineffectively fighting our self for years. For every step we take forward, we in turn take one back. Let today be the day you realize we must create our own thoughts and beliefs. Do not fall victim to the handcrafted system they have created. We have a choice to be oppressed by believing or free by creating. Let us create. This is our time to be the thinkers. Let us inspire masses to continue the trend and shape the world in our own way. The philosophers of yesterday were important to their time, the philosophers of today are of great importance to you and I, but the philosophers of tomorrow will be of great service to millions and millions of souls to come.

The Creators of Reality

In life we are constantly searching for the answer. As result of the current state of society and the way it operates we want quick and direct fulfillment of any wonder we have. But what If I were to say that more important than the answer, is to question. So often when we seek an answer we quickly receive one, but do we ever wonder why that answer is correct? Enter “X” amount of years you have been living and it is probably certain you have accepted something simply out of the fact that’s what the answer has always been. This could apply to any question or any “fact” that society accepts. For example, a bit more philosophical scenario but let us consider time. If you were to ask yourself why we accept our perception of time to be correct, could you answer that? Who set the rule to where a second is the basic measurement. And when you add sixty seconds together we get a minute. Why wasn’t it seventy or eighty seconds a minute? I am not proposing we go and rise as a collective to change time but I am proposing that you always consider that even facts were once made up. Many, but not all, facts started as an opinion and then with enough support and belief became truth. Let us then apply this to our life. How often have you shot down an idea or birth of creativity in your mind because it challenged what was commonly accepted as fact? Could your idea not indeed be the way it should really be? Who is to say? As I have pondered this idea more I believe it opens a gateway to a completely new arena of thought in ones mind. As we realize and comprehend that mostly everything in the world was once made up we understand more fully that we can truly accomplish anything. There should be no validity in someone’s statement saying your idea can’t be done or that it is dumb! How do they know? Look at any of the great inventors of our history and you will see individuals who challenged what was fact. “Man can not fly”, well let me introduce you to two brothers who have a new perception of the truth! The more one wraps their mind around this fact, the more they can believe in their ability. The world is truly a blank canvas. It is ours to create. Sure there are the ways things have been done prior but those are exactly that, prior. They were created for that time frame, for that exact moment. Now is now, it is not then. Your ideas you have today can reestablish the truth of the world and become known as fact. The mind is truly our greatest tool, your drive and faith in your mind is the unstoppable force behind it. Let your drive be catalyst to a world of change. We have the ability to create reality. There is no precut diagram for how tomorrow will turn out. Create your tomorrow into everything you wish it to be. Create your WORLD into everything you wish it to be.

Experience the Unimaginable

Tricked and tried by life we have fallen victim to the most unfortunate of lies. One that has consumed us in all entirety, and that fears the estranged soul that fights the overwhelming current. We are all in different parts of our life. For some things are going well, for others possibly quite the contrary. Regardless of the position you are currently in I ask so graciously you begin this journey with me. This journey will be nothing short of a gargantuan quest to find the truest meaning of life and reverse the flow society has pushed us all in for so long. Through out this quest we will re-baptize our senses in the fountain of youth; we will shed biases and remove the shadow that has blocked the truest of lights on the world. Through out this magnificent journey we will truly acquire the truth of whom we are and what we are here to do. From this exact moment to the moment we succeed, which we undoubtedly will do, we will question and argue timeless traditions and norms. This is the moment you and I, and all that so willingly choose to be involved, make the greatest discovery of our life. WE ARE IN CONTROL. With wishes from the deepest parts of my soul I ask you dedicate a few minutes to this material. If it means nothing to you, let it pass. There is no force here. We cannot truly establish an understanding of who we are when we are pushed or forced into believing certain thoughts, so this I will not do. I wish to be your guide, your match. As I cause friction between a proposed reality and societies projection of reality you must be the enzyme that increases this reaction and brings it to life. There is nothing wrong with thinking; in fact the world most sincerely needs more of it. For these few moments silence the distractions, whether this be your phone, TV, or peers. Let this moment be about you! YOU DESERVE THIS! The days of life are quickly passing, and now is the time to slow them down and experience it to its most pure, rudimentary elements. This is when you become you. Embrace it, embrace the change, embrace the world for its flaws but dream how you can change them. WE ARE IN CONTROL. The first leg of this realization will be to examine the trap we have fallen victim to. With out knowing we have accepted a less the fulfilled life and become to know it as normal. This is not normal. You are not normal. You are extraordinary! The minds reach is endless; do not block the path resulting in a dead-end. It is time to go where no one has gone before. Whether out of fear or social pressures few beings have visited were we will soon live. We, the young, the old, the insecure, the bold, the introverted, the extroverted, the future, will soon be the modern-day philosophers.