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A Letter To My Beloved K…

SCENE: West Texas 20 year old writes letter to his wife back home. He is Stationed in the Middle East. His slight Texas twang arrives deep and leaves with a draw.


There was a stray row of trees off along the north east coast of the base. My task at hand as of lately was to groom those lawless outcasts into fine looking fellows. It was a rather slow and tedious process, but I had really made some ground on this particular Tuesday. I was really putting a real dent in them voluptuous ferns. I was in a bit of a mesmeric trance as I one after the other stripped the tree of its dead and leafless limbs. I began to think about my lady. She really was a slice of heaven. Sweeter, than Texas made sweet tea, and kinder, then the Dali lama himself. I began to foreshadow our life together. I saw our thirties, times of growth, and building a firm foundation. I saw our forties, our three kids, all-growing up into wonderful girls; just like their mother. I saw our fifties, sending off those little wonderful girls to college, and starting a new chapter of our lives. I saw our sixties, and our seventies. I saw you all the way up to the day I couldn’t, see, you, anymore. And at that moment, I came into possession of a terrifying, and awakening realization. One day, I wont be able to love your physical being. I wont be able to smell that sweet warm scent you have. I won’t be able to touch, the smoothest skin known to man. I won’t be able to listen to the loveliest of voices, the creator ever made. The thought of all this nearly dropped me to my knees. A big left from Tyson, left me motionless, gasping for a breath. But at the same moment I knew instantly what I had to do. I have to love you like every day is that day. I gotta hold you, like that may be the very last time I do. And I gotta be the best version of me, each and every day, because that’s what you deserve. I’m writing you today my love to let you know that this begins now. I apologize for the days of past when I didn’t up hold my side of the bargain. But it won’t happen again. I can guarantee ya that. I love ya baby. I really do. And I’m gone make you proud. I’ll see you soon mi Amor. I talked to cap the other day and he say were probably headed home soon. This damn jungle has me sweating wilder than a fat man in the sun. I’m sorry I know you don’t appreciate those types of jokes. Do forgive me sweetie. Well, honey its about that time I say farewell. Take care K. And read this each and every day, and know that I mean it, and I’m thinking bout ya. It’ll all be over soon dear, it’ll all be over soon.


Yours now, then, and forever




You And I.

When the day comes, and the heart inside my chest slows it pace, when there Is no more time to waste, I will die, just like you, and you just like I

When I transcend to the heavens above or the depths far beneath, I will no longer question the validity of the feat, for I rest amongst my fellow sinners and saints.

When I settle in to this timeless life and grip deep the truth, you are just like me, me just like you.

Then I will grasp the question of time, that while we are living we are all of the same kind.

Though skin of different shades, the flesh still remains, a like as it has since we first uttered our name.

What a tragedy we have believed our very own senses, for while we think with our minds they yet remain senseless.

Our eyes they deceived us, in believing its true, now I truly can see, you are I and I am you.

From the first moments of light, to the last moments of breath I realize we are no different, than that of the rest.

So live with the ideal that we are all much alike, for when we die it makes not a difference, nor black or nor white.

  • Trent